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Injection Molding Tools for Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Welcome to Starbase Technologies, your best resource for Custom Injection Molding Tools!

For over three decades Starbase has designed and produced plastic injection molding tools, mold components, and mold bases.  Our mold production ranges from custom unit injection tools to sophisticated high cavitation molds.  The most prominent companies in the plastics industry have trusted Starbase for custom made molds and injection molded parts through our plastic injection molding service.

Our team of highly skilled engineers, machinists, and technicians are the best in their fields.  With over 400 years of combined experience, our team can expertly design, manufacture, and validate molds that will run reliably for decades.  Hundreds of millions of plastic molded parts have been produced in Starbase molds.

From start to part, Starbase is committed delivering to you an outstanding customer buying experience.

Tom Kaplinski
President & CEO

We're Grateful for Our Team

For over 30 years, Starbase has believed that the workers in our shop are the most valuable resource that we have. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to meet the expectations of our customers.

Dependable, Experienced, Hardworking, and Dedicated – exactly why Starbase employees are our most important asset!

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