Starbase Technologies

Precision without exception

Extraordinary performance and service

Starbase offers a formidable combination of experience in plastic injection mold design with the latest CAD technologies. This enables development for engineering tools in a wide array of industries ranging from consumer goods to medical products. Our commitment and expertise provides a smooth, seamless experience and total quality assurance from start to finish.

Let us know how we can meet your needs, help your bottom line and surpass your expectations.

Starbase utilizes the latest software, precision equipment and technology to improve efficiency and quality, increase responsiveness, and reduce costs for our customers.

Types of Molds Designed and Manufactured

  • Stripper, Bump Off, Multi-Stage
  • Side Draw, Slides, Cam Action
  • Unscrewing: Hydraulic, Servo
  • 2 Shot: Core Back, Rotating, Shuttle
  • Stack Molds: Multiple Parting Lines
  • In Mold Closing
  • Sequential Valve Gating Large Parts

Starbase Product Strengths

  • Component Durability
  • Component Interchangeability
  • Ultimate System Performance
  • Productivity, Serviceability, Maintenance

Capabilities, Experience and Technology

  • Design and Engineering
  • In-house Technology
  • Turn-key Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Mold Validation and Quality Inspection
  • Provide Interchangeability
  • Analyze and diagnose mold problems
  • Utilization of past experiences and experiments
  • Provide information to robot suppliers
  • Internal Infrastructure Logistics Support
  • Large Projects, Multiple Mold Programs
  • Diversification to better address:
    • Custom mold requirements for the customer
    • Understanding customer needs
    • Understanding customer limitations



  • PTC Creo 5 CAD
  • Solidworks CAD
  • Cimatron CAM
  • Autodesk Feature CAM


  • (2) 3-Axis Turning Centers
  • (2) 2-Axis Turning Lathes


  • (1) Horizontal Gundrill


  • (2) Jig Grinders
  • (2) Plate Grinders - 44 x 120 Max
  • (6) Component Grinders
  • (2) Cylindrical Grinders
  • (2) Ded-Tru Grinders


  • (8) 3-Axis Vertical Machining Centers
  • (1) 3-Axis Horizontal Machining Center
  • (2) 4-Axis Vertical Machining Centers
  • (2) 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centers


  • (1) Laser Engraving System


  • (5) Ram EDM Machines
  • (2) Wire EDM Machines
  • (1) Hole Popper Machine


  • (3) CMM Machines
  • (1) Optical Comparator
  • (1) Microview Machine
  • (2) Microscopes

Mold Qualification Presses

  • 30-Ton
  • 140-Ton
  • 240-Ton
  • 330-Ton
  • 500P Machine

Dedication combined with expertise

For over three decades, Starbase Technologies, Inc. has designed and produced custom plastic injection molding tools, tooling and mold bases. Pieces range from high-volume consumer molds to large, single-cavity solid block tools.

We listen to the needs of our customers, and ask a lot of questions. We find out how things can be done better, and then design solutions.

Our team of highly skilled and certified engineers, machinists, and technicians are the best in their fields. Ongoing training keeps them on the cutting edge to provide the most efficient and knowlegeable people on the shop floor. Starbase is committed to total customer satisfaction from start to part.

For more information, contact Starbase Technologies

Kayleigh Meloni, Sales Manager
(248) 444-1652